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Why Use Synthetics?

Plain and simple: They’re better than conventional lubricants. Synthetic lubricants are man-made products. They are chemically engineered, from the molecules up, and carefully formulated for specific lubrication tasks. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants outperform and outlast conventional lubricants. They lubricate and protect better and longer, far beyond the limits of non-synthetic products.

Discover how premium-quality AMSOIL Products SAVE MONEY, and how they help you maximize your equipment life and your profits!


Long-Lasting Service: AMSOILlubricants have a long service life. Non-synthetic lubes can break down from oxidation and heat. When that happens, they sludge-up, form deposits and have to be changedAMSOIL lubricants resist breakdown, so they stay intact and run clean. This resistance to heat and oxidation prolongs the service life of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants, significantly extending drain intervals.

Low Temperature Fluidity/High Temperature Stability:   AMSOIL lubricants resist the effects of heat and cold far better than conventional lubricants. AMSOIL synthetics will make the difference when starting an engine that’s cold, and cooling an engine that’s hot!

Rust and Corrosion Protection: AMSOIL contains special additives to prevent rust and corrosion – a vital factor for equipment that sits idle or is stored for part of the year.

Anti-Friction:  AMSOIL lubricants are “super-slippery.” They are extremely effective in reducing friction and drag between moving parts, resulting in reduced wear, more efficient operation and better fuel economy.

Versatile For Most Applications: In most cases, AMSOIL lubricants eliminate the need for specialty lubes. AMSOIL products meet or exceed the performance specifications of a wide variety of farm machinery.

With todays skyrocketing fuel prices Farmers need to cut costs wherever and whenever they can. AMSOIL Lubricants save money by making drive trains operate as efficiently as possible, for as long as possible.

The results:  greater equipment reliability, less money spent on repairs, replacement parts, and costly down-time.

AMSOIL helps keep equipment in the field and out of the shop!

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Q: What is a Farm Account?  Who qualifies?

A:  A Farm Account is simply a Factory Direct Commercial Account set up using the business information for your Farm.  This includes tax exemption numbers that are required to allow you to purchase your farm specific products tax exempt.

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